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  • December 17, 2016

1 Blazer 3 Totally Different Ways to Wear it

A simple black blazer is the most classic piece that all women have in their wardrobe.

So I created three different outfits to show you how much different your look can be if you choose a classic piece as black blazer is. And while all women now buy athleisure blazers, bombers, denim jackets and fluffy coats, you can train yourself not to follow every single trend but learn to adopt different styles with pieces you already have.


Outfit # 1
The first option is more classic and is the perfect solution for the office. You won’t need much. But you should try to combine what you already have in a smarter way.

Buy a ribbon at the same color with the shirt you already have (and probably got bored) and tie it so it creates a bow on the shirt’s collar to look like it is part of the shirt. It’s so simple and you have just created one of the most hot trends of the winter with less than 2-3 dollars.

If you have black sandals like these on the photo below then you should use them for this outfit. These sandals in black or beige will become your best friend and you will wear them from winter to summer.

Put on your black bag, a brown strap so you can wear it more easily with your every day outfits. You will find straps in many shops as many designers and brands have begun to sell individual straps in various designs and colors.

If the colors of your outfit are a little darker, as below, then choose a red matte lipstick for your lips to emerge your facial features. With the red lipstick your outfit will look totally different.


Outfit # 2
The second option is a bit more boho but equally impressive. I love dresses that combine difficult-combined colors like brown, blue and black.

Also I love these dresses that are straight in their top and create (at the same time) some cute ruffles on the bottom. You will find countless dresses like this one in the photo in low prices at well known stores online.

Combine them with black opaque tights, brown bag and brown ankle boots. A pair of glasses will upgrade your style and you can totally buy a pair without having a problem with your eyes. In fact you can get a pair that protects your eyes from the computer screen.

With this outfit I prefer a nude lipstick or a more intense burgundy color to gain a little intensity to your appearance! Never, ever forget to wear your perfume every day! Nice smell elevates our psychology and makes us more attractive to those around us.

Outfit # 3
The third option is for women who love most subversive outfit. And for this choice I am sure that you already have the most pieces.

You will need a leather pair of leggings or pants (fake leather is also fine, is cheaper and works too for this outfit), a white shirt and black backpack.

Maybe you don’t have Gedebe ‘Caroline’ booties but it is not necessary to buy these particular shoes, you simply can wear a pair of black boots or black over the ankle boots. Personally, I love sunglasses in this metal nude shade.

Match your glasses with a lipstick in a similar color for even more impressive look. A gold-black jewelry is enough and you are ready to amaze your co-workers… and (why not) the whole world too!


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