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  • December 25, 2016

Versace: The Athleisure Outfits that Make Me Wow

Versace has it all and I am super excited. When I started writing this post I wasn’t supposed to dedicate it to Versace but when I realised that this brand has amazing athleisure clothes I just couldn’t help it. 

So that’s a big evidence that the athleisure style (or else sporty chic as I like to call it) is here to stay and Versace has already started to support it. I did a research and found my best Versace athleisure pieces and I made some combinations for:

  • Walks with friends
  • Movie nights
  • Work (in some cases)
  • Shopping

Total cost: $2,502


Versace Sweater $867.00 // Versace Pencil Skirt $867.00 // Versace Leather Sneakers $768.00

Total cost: $1,542


Joseph Leggings $227.00 // Versace Cardigan $929.00 // Balenciaga Sneakers $386.00

Total cost: $2,505


Versace Sweatshirt $1,648 // Joseph Leggings $227.00 // Aquazzura Ankle Boots $630.00

Total cost: $2,150


Versace Leggings $328.00 // Juya Watanabe Sweater $556.00 // Gianvito Rossi Boots $1,266

Total cost: $2,117


Versace Sweater $793.00 // Black Denim Jeans $694.00 // Prada Sneakers $630.00

Total cost: $1,948


Versace Sweater $793.00 // White Denim Jeans $694.00 // Golden Goose Deluxe Brand $461.00

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