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  • August 29, 2017

That’s why I had to hide my relationship for 10 years


I know that many of you are living now a great love that unfortunately must for your own reasons hide it from acquaintances, friends and relatives. I also know many people from my professional and personal environment who hide their relationships for many different reasons. Children’s complexes, financial interests all these factors are in the game, and many of them lead to a decision: To hide your personal life from all of your environment.


I may also had to hide my relationship for about 10 years from certain people in my environment, but after all that I’ve been through, I have to tell you and advise you one thing. You can win many things by hiding a relationship but you are losing others that are much more important.


I understood this in the bad way. All this hide-and-seek, all this pressure not to reveal something personal leads you to bad situations, and you should know that all this anxiety will somehow break out on you. It was presented to me in the form of a very serious health problem. It was then that I felt that no hide and no mystery is worthless when your health is in jeopardy. The hideout stopped and I started to feel free again. It was then that I realized how important it is not to have to hide anything in your life. Why do you want to accept this crap for yourself, when you can tell the truth and live free as you want?

Do not be afraid and stop looking at the details. We have one life and there is no reason to live it as “prisoners”. Sacrifice what you must sacrifice and reveal yourself out…THIS MOMENT, NOW, TODAY.


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