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Our Male Fashion Editor Rates Kim Kardashian’s Outfits

Our new series of posts rating the outfits of the most fabulous and popular celebrities is far from over! This time George goes after the most iconic celebrity of our times — Kim!

Kim Kardashian has always been the most famous of the Kardashian family and she has reached a truly legendary status. Let’s see how she fairs against our critique!

Kim Kardashian Outfit #1

Kim kardashian rate outfits 1

Hmm, I have to say that I am not used to Kim’s more ‘normal’ and ‘conventional’ appearances. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t your everyday dress, but it doesn’t look over the top or out of place, or something that only a celebrity would wear. I have nothing negative to say about Kim’s outfit here. Excellent selection of shoes — they are sleek, chic and elegant, the color of the dress, which I have no idea what it is, is complementing the rest of the outfit perfectly.

Grade 9,5/10 – Wow, this will be tough to beat!

Kim Kardashian Outfit #2

Kim Kardashian rate outfits 2

Alright…what the f$*!, no seriously, what’s that supposed to be? Let’s start from top to bottom — although nothing can save you Kim this time! Her top/bra looks horrendous whether that’s a bra or a top or anything in between. I doesn’t look nice, simple as that. The blouse-thing looks even worse, it looks like something that costs $0.99 (I am pretty sure it will cost upwards of thousands though). The pants/shorts/ugly-looking thing looks like an undergarment from the 50s, something that women would wear right after WWII…

The shoes…well I can’t go on I’m blind!

Grade 1,5/10 – Just because I like her hair!

Kim Kardashian Outfit #3

Kim Kardashian rate outfits 2

So, the alien invasion continues, eh? Well you asked for it, Kim. She is wearing a hugely oversized denim jacket over what I can assume is a normal bra that’s supposed to go UNDER your clothes not be your only clothes. Anyway, then we have a pair of jean shorts that appear to be tighter than a corset, how can she even walk?

And finally, to top it all off some nylon bags for shoes. Ah, are they supposed to be boots? Sorry, thought I could cover my golf clubs with them.

Grade: 2/10 The horror continues…

Kim Kardashian Outfit #4

Kim Kardashian rate outfits 2

And here we have Princess Jasmine from Alladin — aaah, sorry I meant Kim Kardashian in a fiery red dress. Ok, the dress alone isn’t half bad, bad what’s up with the accessories? She’s like an Egyptian princess; but you never know maybe that’s the look she’s after. Also, I am pretty sure that walking around the streets with such a long dress it will get really dirty really fast or she will simply trip over it and fall on her face (actually that will award her some points!)

Grade: 6/10 I’m waiting for the fall.

Kim Kardashian Outfit #5

Kim Kardashian rate outfits 2

Alright, this looks something that’s more from earth and from the 21st century. No major objections here, pretty nice outfit in general. I like the khaki color, it looks sexy on women. The dress cut is also unusual but hot(leaves enough to the imagination) and the shoes look great! Not a huge fan of the blingy handbag but I guess it kinda works….kinda??

Grade: 8/10 A good way to save face Kim!

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