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  • October 24, 2016

Punk at Work? Sure you Can and That’s How to Do it!

Punk style is a huge trend this year but as this trend goes viral I just keep asking myself: can you dress “punk” at work? Yes you can! Keep reading..



Punk hairstyle: This year, punk hairstyles are a huge trend and is been adopted by women of all ages and styles. Responsible for this trend is our favorite Hollywood heroine, Harley Quiin, from the Suicide Squad movie that introduced the punk color hair to an even greater audience in fashion. Intense pink, purple, green and blue color make their appearance this year and has been adopted even by the most stylish fashionistas. The combination of two colors is another big trend. Don’t forget that weirdness is a must this year.

She is responsible for everything. That little blonde girl.

That blonde girl is responsible for everything.

If you are a lawyer, a teacher or a politician try not to overdo it with intense colors. Try some more pale shades.


Grey and pink are big trends this year.


Punk clothes: There is a huge amount of different clothing that you can wear and has been worn already (many years ago) from the fanatic punk society.

Torn pantyhose, leather pants and jackets, torn t-shirts, studs and nets are just some of the classic clothes of a punk hero. Which clothes of these ypu can wear at work is a totally different subject.

One of our favorite bloggers, Mrs Le Happy, is one of the most successful punk fashion girls we know. We chose five of her most workish sets that you could easily wear at the office without losing your punk identity.

pinkfo_punk016 pinkfo_punk017 pinkfo_punk018

What to wear at work if you want to do it the punk way:

  1. Shirts with bows or studs, shirts with metallic details, white shirts or plaid
  2. Ripped denim (just a little bit) and colorful pants
  3. Skirts or shorts in combination with studded belts
  4. Backbacks or tote backs in black, burgundy or grey (dark shades are the best for this style).
  5. Flatforms and wedges boots.

Tip: Punk is a movement which purpose is to express freedom in life, style and fashion. Try to combine this way of living with the «work style» rules and create an amazing work appropriate office style.

Wants some more inspiration for punk work style? I made two amazing outfits for you!


Balmain blazer // Stella McCartney belt // Marc Jacobs shirt // Mugler skirt // Alexander McQueen loafers // Moschino backpack


Frame leather pants // The Row t-shirt // Stella McCartney platforms // Balmain jacket // Prada bag

What else..

  1. Two or more necklases (pearls are must for punk people too)
  2. Tights, tights, tights
  3. Many rings (in wild patterns)
  4. Earrings (try to wear them wisely)
  5. Dark tones on nails

Punk make up: There are two basic features of fashionable punk women. Bold lips and intense eyeliner. Both of these features can be a part of your work style look, if you manage not to overdo with them.

Choose an intense burgundy or purple hue for your lips as these shades this year is a trend for all women, no matter what their style is. For the eyeliner make sure not to overdo it and prefer to highlight your eyes with a slim line.


Forget the earring and you are ready for work!

Forget the earring and you are ready for work!

Punk accessories: Belts with studs and skulls, shoes reminiscent of ancient Greek cothurnus, platforms, booties, earrings in the most odd parts of the face and body are some of the accessories that have been loved from the punk society. Which of these can you wear at work? The minimum!

Belts and shoes can be used in moderation. As for the earrings, don’t wear them in weird body parts if your work is such that requires serious dressing. However you can totally wear plaid details (plaid is a favorite pattern of punk women) and leather.


Tip: Combine 2-3 accessories and not more for your punk work style. The one earring thing is a trend you should totally try!


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