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Olivia Palermo: Our Male Editor Rates Her Street Style!

Olivia Palermo Rate outfits

I have to admit I didn’t know a lot about Olivia Palermo, but after writing my first few articles on Pinkfo, I figured out she is a pretty big deal and I must say that after my gf took me to her boutique, I really – really liked her clothes! They are chic, elegant, don’t have any crazy designs and they are not too expensive! I was impressed!

But let’s see how her own personal style measures up!


Olivia Palermo Outfit #1


Alright, this is your standard Athleisure outfit and I must say she is rocking it! I really like the gray & black zipped hoodie, actually, if that’s available for men, I’ll grab one! Let me check Nike’s website for a moment!

Then we have a pair of bright blue leggings which is an excellent addition as they add a touch of color to the whole outfit and finally a pair of Nike black and white shoes. Nothing special but they get the job done. After all, she is going to the gym, right? (looking at her coffee….)

Grade: 8,5/10


Olivia Palermo Outfit #2


Hmm ok let’s see, I have to be honest this outfit looks a little bit weird to me, but better grab it piece by piece. I am not really fond of her overcoat, it doesn’t look right. It looks a little bit too casual for the rest of the outfit — even though I know it’s probably expensive and from an upscale brand, but still.

The blue oversize turtleneck, I can’t really see it but I have no objections here. Then we have the bottom half. Is it a pair of pants or a skirt? Oh, I’m so bad at this! Alright, I’ll go with skirt! Again, I don’t really like it, it looks out of place and that it would be better in another combination. Finally, I do like the shoes. They have that unique design at the back of the heel and they feature a nice finish. Oh, before I forget — I do like her sunglasses, they fit perfectly with the rest of the outfit.

Grade: 6,5/10


Olivia Palermo Outfit #3


Ah, another Athleisure outfit, this time she is taking her dog for a walk, cute dog by the way (it gets a 10/10)! Let’s see what she is wearing this time. Again, I do like her zipped hoodie. It looks stylish, comfortable and love the color! Also, the leggings are an excellent choice, I love that subtle shiny finish they have, they are a perfect fit for lightly colored hoodies.

For shoes, I think she is wearing the same black and white Nike again. Come on Olivia, you make millions, get yourself another pair of shoes! Actually, maybe they’re her favorite and she finds them really comfortable, who am I to judge? (let’s grade her now!!!)

Grade: 8/10 A nice all-rounder!


Olivia Palermo Outfit #4


Here we have the bumblebee, sorry Olivia in a bright yellow bomber jacket with a tree and a bird(?). Underneath she is wearing an underwhelming black and white striped blouse and she has also rolled up the sleeves of the bumblebee jacket (yes, that’s how we call it now).

Moving towards the bottom, she is rocking a pair of black trousers, they look more work style and elegant and I don’t feel they match the rest of the tone of her outfit. Finally, she is wearing a pair of oxfords/brogues without laces but hey, they have some weird spikes all around them! So, she can kick someone and send them to a world of pain. Fabulous utility but she gets points off in the stylish department!

Grade 3,5/10 This outfit doesn’t make sense to me!


Olivia Palermo Outfit #5


Alright, now we’re talking! She looks great. She definitely put some thought into this outfit. I’m excited, let’s begin! I really like the dress. It’s subtle, elegant, classy, love the deep blue color and has amazing styling finishes.

She has also chosen the right accessories to take it to the next level: sunglasses, double-belt, watch, and that red and black handbag, everything works perfectly!

To top it all off, she is wearing a pair of colorful high heels with some funky accessories. The blue and orange tassel look amazing and the shoes pattern adds some much-needed color to her total outfit.

Grade: 9/10 Good job Olivia!


Olivia Palermo Outfit #6


Let’s be honest, I’m a simple man, I don’t ask for much — a stylish and normal outfit is all I’m looking for! Here, she did it again. At a first glance, everything seems right. Starting with her coat, it has an amazing bright orange color and features an all time classic design and cut that has never gone out of fashion the last 50 years!

The blouse is nothing special but it’s the right choice for this coat and the pants blend in with her top perfectly. I know I haven’t commented on bags in depth in the past, but I really like her choice here! I don’t think she could have found a better handbag for this outfit. The colors, the design, the size, everything’s great!

Finally, the shoes. Here, I’ve got a couple of objections but I won’t nitpick too much. I like the color but I’m not sure about that ornament they have in the front. Something more subtle, I think, would look much better. Not really sure, it may sound weird and completely irrelevant, but that shiny thing on top looks like a brooch that grandmas wear :/

But fear not Olivia, you did an excellent job here! Oh, did I mention that her hair is perfect like this??

Grade 9,5/10

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