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  • November 14, 2016

Meghan Markle Inspires us For Amazing Office Style (15 Looks to Steal)

From the moment the Buckingham Palace announced that Meghan Markle is Prince’s Harry girlfriend, the most “wanted” person in the world is her and everyone wants to photograph and learn more about her.

Meghan Markle became extreme popular via her role as Rachel Zane in famous tv show Suits. In this show, Meghan works as paralegal at Pearson Darby Specter in New York City. At the same time she studies in order to become a lawyer.

If you wonder how to dress at work and you want an inspiration for chic and beautiful style check the photos bellow. You will find amazing ideas for perfect office style.

Tip #1: Meghan loves wrap blouses which are a very stylish choice for an excellent look at the office.


Tip #2: Shirts are very important pieces for a successful work style. Meghan always cares to button her shirt right so as not to provoke her co-workers but also to emphasize her female side.


pinkfo_suits011 pinkfo_suits04

Tip #3: Beige is one of her favorite colors!


Tip #4: Don’t be afraid to wear nude color in the office. If you choose the right clothes and the right combinations, as Meghan does, the result will be impressive. For example, try to wear nude skirts from thick fabric if you want to remain stylish and chic.

pinkfo_suits05 pinkfo_suits015

Tip #5: Megan follows the trend of ruffles in the right quantity! She wear ruffles at the edge of her midi skirt and combines them with simple black sleeveless shirt and elegant black shoes.

Tip #6: In a different office look she chooses ruffles combined with a more “quiet” skirt in the same color.

Tip #7: Who said you can not wear lace at the office? Meghan combines classic white shirt with stunning lacy skirt in a pale hue. She suits her pale skirt with brown shoes and bag. pinkfo_suits08

Tip #8: Pale skirts are the #1 choice of Meghan to stand out in a company that consisted (mainly) by men with classic dark suits.

Tip #9: Meghan likes classical midi dresses too in vivid or dark shades.

Tip #10: Total white look in the office is not a common choice, but Meghan shows a version of white look that we like very much! White shirt, white skirt and amazing hair. Finish your style with bright color shoes to make a lovely contrast.pinkfo_suits014

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