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Our Male Fashion Editor Rates Gigi Hadid’s Outfits!

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As you know we have a male editor amongst our ranks and we thought it would be a great idea to have him rate the five outfits of Gigi Hadid that we picked! Want to know what he thinks? Read below!

Gigi is the wondergirl of the new trend of models and fashion icons, but does that mean that all her appearances and outfits are up to par?

We are here to make things straight and offer our honest answer!

If you want to find out how our male editor, George, rank Gigi’s outfits, read below — 5 different Gigi Hadid outfits, 5 different but honest opinions from your average Joe!

Gigi Hadid Outfit #1

gigi hadid we rank hr outfits 1

Hmmm…let’s see, not much wrong here. I like the leopard choker, it adds a touch of sexy, I also like the plain white t-shirt which is extremely sexy on girls (take note!) but then I’m torn on what to think about the pants. Sometimes I like them, sometimes I don’t. With that plain what t-shirt though they match and introduce a more casual look and bring the outfit more down to earth.

But…the shoes…oooh the shoes! Come on Gigi, why didn’t you leave them at home? I know that these stupid shoes are trending right now but I can’t figure out why, they are not sexy, they are not elegant and by the looks of them they are not comfortable for walking.

Grade: 7/10 – if the shoes were left at home!

Gigi Hadid Outfit #2

gigi hadid outfit 2

Ok, now we’re talking! Obviously she is going to an event or she is attending a more formal occasion because this has nothing to do with Athleisure or a casual street style.

Let’s see, makeup A+, Top A+, Pants A+, Shoes A (just taking away the + for too shininess reasons!)

All in all, she is extremely sexy, stylish and chic!

Grade: 9,5/10 (it’s always the shoes, isn’t it?)

Gigi Hadid Outfit #3

gigi hadid outfit 3

This is what I consider the ultimate casual sexy! A daily street style outfit that will raise the temperature!

I especially like the wavy hair (didn’t expect that, did you?), as I said earlier, there is nothing sexier than a white plain t-shirt — when it’s a crop top, then all the more sexy!

Pants: ok, nothing special but they work with the rest of the outfit. The shoes are also an excellent choice. The color fit perfectly and I like the suede finish, it adds a classy-sexy look for some reason which I can’t really pinpoint!

Grade: 8.5/10 (not the shoes this time)

Gigi Hadid Outfit #4

gigi hadid outfit 4

Hair and makeup she gets an A+ although something tells me that she has a crew of makeup artists by her side 24/7. By the way, one of her eyes looks smaller!

But below the face, all sorts of wrongs are going on. I am not really fond of anything else to be honest, the coat is like something taken from a Batman movie, the top is nothing special and the Athleisure pants with the bright neon fuchsia shoes? – dreadful!

You failed this one Gigi miserably!

Grade: 2.5/10

Gigi Hadid Outfit #5

Gigi Hadid outfit 5

Let’s start from the top: hair – ok, I think she is trying to match the rest of her ‘rock chick’ outfit. For some reason the sunglasses work and they suit her fine, although know that circular sunglasses are not sexy! But, here they work, so she’ll get a pass.

I also like the top, it’s the ‘rock’ centerpiece of the outfit. I guess a Rolling Stones t-shirt would also do the trick and add some red color to it.

Pants – great choice, but the shoes….the shoes did it again. I don’t know if it’s us guys who don’t seem to like the new ‘manly’ looking womens’ shoes but they look horrible, what’s the purpose of wearing something like this? I don’t get, will never get it and Gigi gets a D- here. Shame, because I did the ‘rock chick’ look.

Grade: 6/10

Stay tuned as we’ll be back with more grading posts like these where we say our honest opinions for the outfits of your favorite celebrities.

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