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Dress Like Jessica Pearson from Suits: The Ultimate Office Style

Jessica Pearson from Suits features the most impeccable and smart wardrobe of any power woman in the corporate world. Want to dress like her? Keep reading!

The show Suits may be about a top law firm in Manhattan, but their fashion sense is unparalleled.

From the last paralegal to the head of the firm – Jessica Pearson – everyone parades the offices with custom-tailored, smart and unsurpassedly elegant outfits.

The men wear their classic navy or grey suits but the women are on a whole other level.

They are dressed in chic and elegant dresses or office slick suits. Their fashion stylist is mixing the contemporary style with a classic approach; after all, we are talking about a top Manhattan law firm!

Jessica Pearson’s office style tops everything and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Whether you, yourself, are working in the corporate world or in a more casual environment nothing will beat a Jessica-Pearson-inspired look like the following:

#Total cost: $191

Dress Like Jessica Pearson

Elizabeth and James Ruffle Sleeve Top $149.98 // Halogen Seamed Pencil Skirt $41.40

The great thing is that you don’t have to break the bank to dress like Jessica Pearson:

#Total cost: $228

Dress Like Jessica Pearson

Marcella Lace Midi Dress $228

#Do it for less


ASOS Bodycon Midi Dress $22 // Vero Moda Dress $53

There hasn’t been a day, or rather an episode, that Jessica Pearson wasn’t fabulous and stylish. If you are a fashion aficionado and want to improve your office appearances, then Jessica Pearson is your go-to source of inspiration!

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