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Work Style: How To Dress Like Charlotte From Sex & The City

charlotte from sex and the city

Charlotte York from Sex and the City might not be the most popular choice among the company of the four stars, but she sure has her own classic, smart and elegant style, wearing amazing and unique outfits that compliment her posh fashion sense.


Her look is chic, elegant and classy and fits perfectly to a more corporate and formal business world. While most offices and new age tech companies support a much more casual everyday look, there are some business sectors that demand a stricter attire, especially when you have to deal with clients.

If you are responsible for client presentations, official meetings and external PR events, then Charlotte’s look could be your best source of inspiration.

Charlotte York Style 101

Charlotte’s style is defined by the classics: shift dresses, pencil skirts and peacoats.

Silk and wool-blend crepe pencil skirt

Victoria Beckham Silk and Wool-Blend Crepe Pencil Skirt $705

Vera Mont Textured Shift Dress

Vera Mont Textured Shift Dress $77.39

MICHAEL KORS Double-breasted wool-blend peacoat

Michael Kors Double-Prested Wool-Blend Peacoat $297.30

Power business women and high-ranking professionals will appreciate Charlotte’s look.

By utilizing her outfits you can combine femininity with a power and classic style that suits your daily work tasks perfectly.

But Charlotte’s style doesn’t end with your clothing. She is perfect from toe to head and always well-polished.

Keep your hairdresser’s appointments regular, have your nails professionally done and choose accessories that complement your outfits while at the same time they do not overwhelm them.

Charlotte chooses clothes that accentuate her curves and her figure by drawing attention to her small waistline. You can do that with belts, tailored coats, jackets and slim-fit blouses.

Next time you’re at the stores, make sure to check Pinkfo’s suggestions before buying!

Let us know in the comments, who your favorite Sex & The City character is and we’ll write about her look and how you can achieve it!

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