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  • July 30, 2017

Why Did i Decide to Do the 90 Day Challenge?

It all started when i was 17 years old. He was a classmate of mine and one day in the school he gave me a note. What was written in the note? «You are a disgrace». I had never talked to anyone about this and he didn’t do either (i think), but i will never forget that day in my life.

I don’t feel comfortable to talk about my personal thoughts and i don’t even do it with my friends (i know it’s not right) but if i am who i am today is all because of that day in school that changed me, and i don’t mean in a good direction. Bullying is all about this. It changes you, it transforms you and you wake up one morning feeling just sad and hopeless. I did a lot of effort to start feeling positive about my life and i am feeling great right now. But there always a little bit of thorn in my heart that i cannot fight easily.

This year, as i said to you earlier in another post, was a rough year. And i am not talking about my job or my personal life. It was a rough year for myself and i. I gained 15 pounds and i didn’t want to do anything about it. I am not sure who gave me the power to start fighting all this. I think no one. I tried to talk to my friends but they were all in their own world (as it is said in Greece). I overpassed it and tried alone to find myself in all this bad situation and it was so difficult.

It is very difficult to find yourself in a world that everyone trying to ”hit” you with whatever power they have. For example, i was and i am the best in my work domaine. I know very well who i am and what is my power in the social-networking world in which i work since 18 years old and i know very well who are trying to manipulate me. I will focus on you later when i will complete my challenge. For now i have to focus in this project and then «winter is coming» and you have to be prepared. 🙂


I think i am done for tonight with this ”sharing” of thoughts. I will come back to you later. Until then, write to me your personal experience with bullying and if there was something that changed your lives, your fitness status, you style, your…whatever.

xo xo


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