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Crossed or Uncrossed Legs in a Job Interview?

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When you go to a job interview besides what you say, what you show is equally important. The posture, the eye contact, the clothes and the body language are sooo important.

Right now, in this post, the question that I will answer based on my personal experience (which is really big) is if you should have during a job interview your legs crossed or uncrossed.


It’s a NO!

The answer is NO!

So, both feet flat on the floor or the low cross where your legs are crossed over at the ankles is the perfect option. If you cross your legs higher up might seem like a defensive or arrogant gesture. So, avoid it.


Go with uncrossed legs like Kate Middleton always does.

If this doesn’t feel natural to you, another option is to put your feet one in front of the other, with your back foot raised with only your toes touching the ground. This is also a permissible leg position.

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