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Bloggers That I Don’t Like (And That’s My Opinion and Only)!

I don’t get jealous from other people’s success. I have learnt to pay attention only to what I do. Sometimes, though, I have my nerves and that’s when I want to be really really mean (please tell me you have that too sometimes).

So today is one of these days. I want to be mean so I can feel better. And I will. Even if I regret it tomorrow.

I have some favourite bloggers, youtubers and instagramers that I like to follow. From the other hand there are some bloggers, youtubers and instagramers that I liked at the beginning and now I don’t.

So, my least favourite bloggers right now are (I’m only jugging their style and the way the present themselves to the world. But that’s just my opinion. You don’t have to agree with me):

Rach Parcell from Pink Peonies



Negin Mirsalehi from Negin Mirsalehi



Kayla Itsines from Kayla Itsines (She is an instagramer)


Tanya Burr from Tanya Burr (I know she is actually a youtuber)



Louise Peatland Sprinkle of Glitter  (She is a youtuber too)



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