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Athleisure: It’s Here to Stay and That’s Why!

If this is the first time you hear the term “Athleisure” then you must be new to the whole fashion and healthy living scene or you simply lived under a stone until now.

Athleisure has taken our modern lives by storm and has transformed the way we live, dress and go about our daily routines.

Athleisure isn’t just another dress code, it’s not another outfit set; it’s a whole new way of life. In the last few years we have been experiencing a tremendous shift towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. People follow much healthier diets, consume organic whole foods and exercise daily.

But let’s take a step back and first figure out what athleisure is all about. Simply put: wearing your athletic-apparel in non-workout environments. For example, think of women wearing yoga pants to go shopping or do the daily chores outside the house, or men wearing hoodies and sweatpants to go to the supermarket.


Athletic apparel isn’t just comfortable and easy to wear, they can also be stylish and utilized in several, even more formal, occasions.

Heck, even billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg feature the athleisure style even when at the office. A careful mix & match of the appropriate athletic-apparel can go a long way and you can even go to work on casual Fridays. That being said, more and more companies adopt the “everyday-casual-style” mentality which means that you aren’t forced to wear a suit and a shirt to work.

Famous people seem to run around in their athletic apparel every day and more and more photos appear with them like Kendall Jenner in a pair of black yoga pants or Kim Kardashian in a hoodie.

Whether we are at the gym or running errands around the house, we opt to wear sneakers since they are much comfier and offer better support.


Yoga apparel is now considered a premium piece of clothing and it’s being sold by expensive brands in exclusive retail stores and all this is just the beginning.

Even though athleisure doesn’t necessarily mean that you actually have to use your sweatpants and sneakers to do any form of exercise, that doesn’t seem to be the norm in most cases. People tend to generally follow a healthier and greener way of life, from their diets to their weekly exercise. Yoga, spinning, organic smoothies, superfoods, etc. are all indispensable elements of our new way of life.


It was the millennials who first adopted this lifestyle and soon after everyone followed. From sport & fitness wristbands to calorie calculating apps, we live in a healthy world, a world that embraces a healthy well-being and a proper body composition.

Athleisure is another phenomenon of our era which is here to stay; it is not another passing trend, it’s not a firework, its roots run deep in our modern society and whole economies are developed around it. It’s time you gave it a try.

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