Athleisure Bra: This is Our Favorite Trend - Pinkfo
  • January 19, 2017

Athleisure Bra: This is Our Favorite Trend

Athleisure bra is very in fashion right now and is already one of our favorite trends of the season.

Many women wear this popular bra in everyday life and it is perfect for athletic and sport-casual style.

Do you want some ideas for inspiration? Watch the pictures below but be careful! This bra wants a flat belly. Do some abs and you have nothing to be afraid!

pinkfo_athleisure02 pinkfo_athleisure03 pinkfo_athleisure04 pinkfo_athleisure05 pinkfo_athleisure06 pinkfo_athleisure07 pinkfo_athleisure08 pinkfo_athleisure09 pinkfo_athleisure010 pinkfo_athleisure011 pinkfo_athleisure012 pinkfo_athleisure013 pinkfo_athleisure014 pinkfo_athleisure015 pinkfo_athleisure016


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