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  • November 12, 2017

50 Reasons That Men Love the Athleisure Trend (From Personal Experience)

Athleisure is one of the biggest trends of the last 5 years and probably a trend thet seems to becoming timeless value. Men love this trend for (only) 50 reasons. Read them below!

#1. They don’t know what athleisure means, but they love the words leggings and heels.

#2. They are not big fans of the sneakers-dress combination but if you do it right they would love it too. One day i asked my boyfriend and his friends to rate some outfits. They graded women with sneakers and skirt with 10/10 if she was styling the outfit right.

#3. They love whatever has to do with athletic style and women.


#4. They like natural style in women and athleisure is a very athletic style.

#5. They love whatever emphasizes your ass (ex. leggings, skinny jeans)

#6. Athleisure is similar with college style: skirt, sneakers and high socks are a wan to dress in an athleisure way.

#7. When i wear sweatpants and heels i feel sexy and this is something i emit in the men world.

#8. Sweatpants and sweatshirts make men to visualize sexy things. They wonder: What is this woman wearing underneath this crap?

#9. Sunglasses, skirts and heels are a fantasy to them.


#10. Mini dresses are their best woman outfit. They don’t care with what shoes you will be wearing them. They just want to wear them.

#11. When a woman wear sweatpants they believe she has a very fit body (or they hope for it).

#12. If it makes you happy it will make him happy too.

#13. If you have the body they will love whatever style you have: athleisure, preppy, sexy, athletic, rock, grunge, hippies etc.

#14. If Gigi Hadid wears it, he will love it on you too.


#15. Crop tops and leggings? Yes, please! Men are huge fans of this combination.

#16. Has athleisure connection with leather pants? Yes! So they love it.

#17. Sexy boots and leggings is another combination make them happy.

#18. So some boobs or tone your ass and they will love you no matter what you wear.

#19. Men are big fans of simplicity and athleisure style keeps things simple.

#20. Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez are huge fans of athleisure! This is enough reason for a man to love this style.


#21. Casual make up and ponytail are two more reasons that athleisure is a point of interest for men.

#22. Athletic outfit and perfect styled hair? Why should anyone hate this look?

#23. They adore athletics accessories in women.

#24. Baseball hats are a good reason to love it.

#25. They like whatever make women feel sexier.

#26. If you feel comfortable and sexy, you look sexier than you think!

#27. Women in sports mood? It’s a «Yes, please!» for them.

#28. Sexy sheer skirts with lingerie and sneakers? This is a huge trend and i am sure they love it.

#29. If you wear it to the gym, they will approve it!

#30. They love the word of a-t-h-l-e-i-s-u-r-e!


#31. Cut-outs leggings is another reason men love athleisure.

#33. There is a girl in my boyfriend’s friend group that she always wear leggings and skinny jeans with sneakers. 9/10 men think she has a great style.

#34. Black mini dress and white Stan Smith. Wear this outfit and you will make him feel dizzy.

#35. If a sexy woman wear it you cannot hate it.

#36. If Beyonce wear it you can’t hate it either.


#37. Sexy overalls with heels? Yeap! This is huge success in their eyes.

#38. They don’t think with their brain. When they have a woman in front of them they will only think with other parts of their body.

#39. A friend of mine told me that whenever she wears leggings her man want sex. If it’s not a proof what can be a proof?

#40. They love to wear their sweatpants. It’s super sexy in their own eyes.

#41. It’s chic and at the same time not chic at all.

#42. Bomber jackets are a memory of their college years.

#43. If you show to them a woman in heels and shorts and a woman in sneakers and loose sweatpants they will prefer the first one.


#44. Ugg boots and skinny sweatpants: Τhey loved this style from the beginning.

#45. Skinny denim with sneakers is an acceptable combination to them.

#46. Want to wear loose pants? Then wear it with a crop top.

#47. If it’s exposing a part of your party they will love it no matter what.

#48. Do the Victoria’s Secret models wear it? Yes! Then it’s a Yes for them.

#49. Casual looking girls are their weakness.

#50. For all the above reasons and many many others!


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