5 Tips for an Impeccable Work Style

5 Basic Tips for an Impeccable Work Style

Fashion changes, it evolves, it adapts, it recycles but in every case it keeps moving forward.

Fashion is an expression of ourselves, an expression of our inner personality and characteristics.

That being said, there are some unwritten laws about work style etiquette that every power woman should follow.

Granted, every office, every workplace is different and there’s not a “one size fits all” attitude, but there are some constants that no woman should move away from.

Photo credit: memorandum.com

Photo credit: memorandum.com

In today’s workplace, casual outfits are booming. Beloved Silicon Valley has introduced their own laws as to what you can and should wear at the office, which is pretty much anything you like.

CEOs prowl around the office in hoodies and sweatpants, women executives boast a pair of Converse All-Star with a pair of vintage jeans and a tech-related-stamp-T-Shirt and everyone seems happy. And who are we to judge what should or shouldn’t be worn in the office?


Well, actually, here is a list of 5 tips in order for you to have an impeccable work style:

#1 Align With Your Industry’s Standards

Different workplaces call for different dress codes. Study and learn what’s appropriate for your field. For example, I doubt that a lawyer in an uptown law firm would wear the aforementioned pair of Converse All Stars and a techy T-Shirt.

If your company or field in general, features a specific dress code, then abide by it and try to adopt it.

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#2 Stay Away from Strong Perfumes & Scents

Regardless of your field or workplace, stay away from strong perfumes that overwhelm your coworkers just by standing next to you.

Actually, let’s change that. “Regardless of anything…”

Whether you’re going on a date night or to your next job interview don’t overdo it with your perfume. It’s not pleasant nor kind for the people around you to have to endure a strong odor.

#3 Be Well-Groomed & Clean at All Times

Showers are your friend. So are clean clothes, a proper haircut and appropriate facial and body grooming.

For example, wet hair is a big no-no. Please, for your sake, make sure to dry your hair before leaving the house to go to your office.

Hands and fingernails should be clean and look professional. You can’t wear fake, huge, neon, plastic fingernails to work. It’s just wrong on so many levels.

An untidy and scruffy appearance translates to an untidy and disorganized life which in turn translates to a disorganized career. You don’t want that.

After all, you’re after that juicy promotion, aren’t you?

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#4 Keep the Accessories & Makeup Simple and Light

Over-accessorizing is not the way to go. Keep it simple, keep it light. Same principles apply to makeup.

Avoid excessive amounts of makeup. For example, fake eyelashes are a no-go. Go easy on the mascara, avoid very dark eye makeup, don’t add glitter, opt for neutral pinkish lip color and stay away from pigment-changing products.

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#5 Wear Clothes that Fit

For some incomprehensible reason, there are a lot of people who go around wearing clothes that are too large or too small for them.

Make sure your clothes aren’t too small or too big otherwise you’ll look funny and distracting and this doesn’t just apply to your workplace, but rather to your everyday life.

Photo credit: memorandum.com

Photo credit: memorandum.com

So, dressing for success is a combination of your clothes, your accessories and of course your general grooming.

Your co-workers, clients, bosses, investors and everyone you meet pay attention to your work style, so keep it relevant and appropriate for your industry and field of work.

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