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  • August 31, 2017

20 Things i Learned From 30 Days in Isolation (Worst and Best Days of my Life)


Some years ago i decided to go in isolation for 30 days. There weren’t many people who knew this fact then but i wanted to do it for my health-body and soul. It was so fucking hard to be completely alone for 30 days. I didn’t see no one, i refused to see my boyfriend, my family and my friends. I won’t say the reasons that make me take this decision but i would love to share with you what did i learn from that experience.


#1. Learned to be alone. I had never been alone until that day and i managed to do it. Even now that there have been years from then i feel weird talking about that moment of my life. I feel sick, not about the lessons i took, but because i am now forcing myself to remember all these things i felt back then. It was definitely a very hard month in my life. But i also wouldn’t change it with anything.

#2. I loved myself. Being alone is not easy. And being alone for one month without any communication with other people is too hard. But by staying alone you can learn how to love your own company.

#3. I started to have goals. I always loved to write down my goals in my life. But that month i learned to have a journal with goals that totally came true. Why? Because i was very focus while i was doing that. Every other time i tried to set goals it was a completely failure. I remember looking at my goals every morning for 5-10 minutes and probably that was enough to succeed all these 10 things i set as goals.


#4. I started meditation. I have had meditation many times in my life since i was 6 years old. But then it was the first time that i saw serious difference in my mood. Doing meditation for a month i managed to completely define my mind.

#5. Ι got a job. You probably think that i didn’t get a job because of the isolation but i honestly did it. I had 24 hours a day for myself, i had no distractions and i had many hours to work in different projects. This focused work helped me to find a new job.

#6. I changed diet. I have promised myself that i will eat healthy and i did it. It was difficult at first but i managed to do it. There were days that i was eating lentil day and night and i didn’t mind. I also ate no sweets all these days.


#7. I found out which people loved me. When i was in isolation i let myself talking to phone few times a day. People around me didn’t know i was in isolation (except some friends and family). There was only 2-3 people in my life (family included) that was interested in how i was doing that period.

#8. This one month was like i had one year psychology sessions. These hours with yourself makes you realizing many things about your life. They can also make you thinking in a more deep way.

#9. I felt full of power. I cannot describe it with words but i was feeling a power inside me and that was an amazing feeling.


#10. I transformed to a more social person. This loneliness make you to realize the importance of your friends and family in your life.

#11. I started to have better relationship with my mother. We used to have a very tense relationship but after this isolation i realized that my parents wanted the best for me always and forever.

#12. I got out different. I will not forget something a friend told to me after that isolation. He didn’t know I was in isolation but he told me that my face was completely different and was keep telling me and asking me what was that thing that changed me so much.


#13. I acquired new habits. Ι realized which things i enjoyed doing them and which not.

#14. I loved my boyfriend even more. He was there for me even if he was not actually there. He was supportive even with all this madness.

#15. I started to love me in a deeper way. That one that nothing matters except from being calm inside you.

#16. I felt loneliness in a very deep way. It was scary and liberating at the same time.


#17. I felt all the feelings a person can feel: anger, happiness, sadness, depression, optimism etc.

#18. I managed to feel the day, every day, every hour, every minute, every second.

#19. I felt lost. It’s not always about the good feelings in your life. Sometimes bad feelings make you understand the meaning of life.

#20. The last day of my isolation was one of the best in my life. I was feeling like someone gave my life back, full with gifts and new opportunities.

I can’t say i want to live this experience again in my life but what i surely can say is that every experience in our life is important and make us realizing how beautiful our life is. Try not to be very strict to yourselves…spoil you…allow yourself to be who you want to be…with not a single limit.

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